Renewing a Relationship with Line 6

Guitarists as Collectors

I can’t count the number of guitars that I have owned and sold over the years.  When it comes to collecting guitars though, I am no Vince Gill, the guitar master who, I believe built a building to house his Martin Guitar collection.  But if it was a Gibson or Fender, I have probably owned it at one time or another.

The same is true for amplification; we tell ourselves that each instrument and amp combination has its own unique characteristic and sound — and we are right!  My inner child lives in a tent outside the house, while the house remains climate-controlled and filled with musical instruments.

Of course, I am no longer a child.  But if I were, guitar virtuoso Joe Bonamassa’s collection might illustrate the point:

Guitar Virtuoso, Joe Bonamassa

At the millennium, I had trimmed the collection down to one Fender Stratocaster,  a couple of boutique instruments and a small VOX practice amp.   All things being equal, there is never a guarantee that the collecting itch won’t start again.  But I would prefer that it did not.  And I have been recently in relief, because this time, I think that I have found a salve for that itch that could quite effectively preclude any major impulses towards ‘collection bloat: ‘  Line 6.

The Line 6 ‘POD’

I had a POD by Line 6 when it was first released – a guitar amp and effects modeler – and it was fun.  It certainly cut down on the storage space needed for different guitar amplifiers.  But as I have mentioned before, I stopped playing guitar years ago after being jumped in a parking lot by four party-goers who were looking for a good time by beating up a band member.  So, who knows what happened to the POD?  I hope I gave it to a friend.

POD Amp Modeler by Line 6

Little-by-little, I am beginning to play the guitar again.  Now that I have processed the beating that I took, I figure it can be a friend for life.

Blown Away by the Line 6 Sonic Port/Mobile POD App

The Line 6 Facebook Page keeps me updated on their latest product offerings.  I am not the only one; at the time of this writing they have 159,752 followers.  So when they recently introduced the Sonic Port, I was fascinated that a smart phone could suddenly become an amplifier and effects modeler.  I couldn’t help myself. I purchased it.  I’m only human!

I have not been disappointed.  The Sonic Port immediately recognized the smart phone and Mobile POD App and suddenly I was playing guitar through what sounded like Eric Clapton playing through a Marshall Stack.

Guitar ‘God’ Eric Clapton with a Gibson Firebird and Marshall Amplifiers

A click, and suddenly the guitar sounds like it could please Esteban:

Classical guitarist and promoter extraordinaire, Esteban

As Ann Margaret might say, “What a Gas!

What I would have done for something like this when I was a teenager!  Highly recommend.

The Line 6 Sonic Port and Mobile POD App in Action


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