“Please Pass the Tin-Foil Sombrero!”

Dusting-off the Nylon String Fender Telecaster (Telecoustic Thinline)

Fender ‘Telecoustic’ (Nylon Strings)

If I hadn’t seen it for myself, I would have never imagined the venerable country music, twanging Fender Telecaster would come in an accoustic version, let alone with nylon strings.  I can’t say where or when I acquired this instrument; but I fell in love with the “Telecoustic Thinline” over a decade ago. But, I have not used it much.

As with most telecasters, it will sound exactly the way you play … there is no place to hide when you are playing a telecaster.  So, usually when I play this baby, I end up putting it down while simultaneously saying to myself:

“Oh, man! Do I suck!”

But after a short time, I resolve not to let my level of ‘suckiness’ distract me, and I record anyway.

Here is the Telecoustic during a sound-check:

Crystal Theory

Now, to the further honor my younger brother, who misses no opportunity to make fun of my penchant for composing New-Age music, I have given the working title of “Crystal Theory” to my latest project.  Despite my brother’s feelings, I can make no appologies for the music that I compose — it’s all up to the crystals!

So, to continue my journey, I guess I don’t need or expect his approval — but maybe just some specialized equipment.

So, if somebody would just hand me that tin-foil sombrero, I’ll get back to the studio.

My Preferred New-Age Recording Garb



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