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New Album: Face the Fire

I feel like I am on a journey of healing and discovery, and the flute is at once my guide and the stage. For some reason that seems both familiar yet undefined, I never question that when I lift the flute to my lips, that something that is meaningful to me will come out. I don’t fight it; I don’t edit out the unusual sounds that the flute or I may make in the studio. I let it all stay in the track. I guess that since the Peruvian shaman, Don Francisco first touched me with his medicine bundle in ceremony, I feel that is not for me to judge the melodies that have come forth in a constant stream of (un)consciousness since.

At first, I thought it was important to fill every silence with some attempt at virtuosity. I have since abandoned all expectations of any particular outcome and I admit that often I am as moved in the silence as I am by the notes.

These recordings were made after I made a trip through the Mojave Desert. I found a large group of people in ceremony around a fire there. These were people in various stages of learning how to let go of the stories that bind them stiffly in a particular role in life (e.g. “i am an engineer). As I watched them approach the fine in silent prayer, I realized that sooner or later, we all have to face a fire – a fire that burns away our protective stories until and essential layer is exposed.

Fire Ceremony in the Mojave Desert

I hope you enjoy these melodies; may they help you to … face the fire!

Listen to the album by clicking here.


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Bill Leyden Joins Kitty and Creek on Iridium Radio, KZYX&Z

I was thrilled to be an in-studio guest with Kitty & Creek on Iridium Radio.  It was an honor to be with them and share the show with gifted pianist, Helen Jane Long.

Thanks, Kitty and Creek!

Creek Norris Readies KZYX Satellite Studio in Willits, CA for Iridium Radio Broadcast

Listen to this Iridium Radio broadcast:
Part 1:

Part 2:



Here is an excerpt from the show notes:

Broadcaster: KZYX/KZYZ
Show: Iridium
Date: 4/10/2011
Host: Kitty & the Creek
Theme: Two Special Guests!
Notes: Iridium Radio Playlist for Sunday April 10, 2011, as heard on KZYX&Z
Mendocino County Public Broadcasting and streaming live on the web at
http://www.KZYX.orgShow Hosts: Kitty & Creek
Show Theme: Two Special Guests!
Special Guests: Helen Jane Long and Bill Leyden
Show Website: http://www.iridiumradio.comTo introduce Helen Jane Long’s live interview we played the following:
Helen Jane Long – Porcelain – Porcelain [Warner Classics & Jazz]
Helen Jane Long – Broken – Porcelain [Warner Classics & Jazz]
Helen Jane Long – Through the Dark – Porcelain [Warner Classics & Jazz]During the interview we played:
Helen Jane Long – Embers – Embers [BLE Music Group]
Helen Jane Long – One Day – Embers [BLE Music Group]Bill Leyden was live in the studio with us. We started his segment with
Steven De Ruby, as he is now playing one of Steven’s flutes, among many
Steven De Ruby – Revelation – Sacred Spaces [Domo]We continued with selections from Bill Leyden’s albums:
Bill Leyden – Face the Fire – Face The Fire: work in progress [Sage Journey]
Bill Leyden – Accept Me Home – Seeking Balance [Sage Journey]
Bill Leyden – Power Spot – Return to Joshua Tree [Sage Journey]
Bill Leyden – Entering Sedona – Return to Coconino [Sage Journey]
Bill Leyden – Sevgilim, Bana Dom – Return to Coconino [Sage Journey]
Bill Leyden – Celestial Medicine – Celestial Medicine [Sage Journey]The show continued until close, with the following:
Michael Brant DeMaria – Gaia – Gaia

Kitty and Creek were kind enough to invite me to stay at their lovely home in the forest. Before I left to return to Arizona, I had to make an image of them in their world. I decided to try a “Beloved” invitation to allow them to sink into their own experience. The result was the following image, which I find very touching. When I look at it, I am reminded how lucky I am to know these two very special people.

Kitty and Creek Norris

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Music from “Return to Joshua Tree” Lands in Film and TV

The Return to Joshua Tree album has been a favorite on iTunes since its release in March, 2009. This year, two of the tracks have found their way to Hollywood. “Dry Lake” was placed in NBC’s Outsourced series in the “Mama Sutra” episode. And “Song of the Sand (Distant Sands)” was placed in Owen Wilson’s “Hall Pass.”

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