There are things that I find tedious for which I am eventually grateful for the results.

At the time of this writing, I am in the studio on Project “Beneath the Mask.”  And although it is with some hesitation (because any search of the internet on guitar will return hundreds of high school girls giving guitar lessons on classic riffs that rival the originators) that I am dusting off the guitars and bringing them into the studio.

GuitarTuna ios App

One such dust collector is a Rickenbacker electric 12-string, which I keep hearing in my sleep.  But I was resisting re-stringing it (it’s not for everyone).  But after 15 years, it is probably time for a new set of strings.  So I took the 90 minutes or so to restring it.  Restringing is the easy part; it’s the tuning that I think has kept these guitars out of the mainstream and in the gifted hands of virtuosos like Roger McGuinn, Tom Petty and the late George Harrison.

I have to rely on tools to tune.  Enter GuitarTuna.  A quick search of the app store returned this baby.  Not bad.  But, I think I will be using some alternative tunings on the album.  Better look for a chromatic tuner.  There are a ton of them.

Anyway, I am not sure how luthiers do what they do.  I would find the detail work of intonation too demanding for my attention span.  Luckily, living on the edge of the forest has its advantages.  I can go out and walk in nature and work the land, always assured of proper supervision:

Proper Supervision


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