“….How Did You Make That Guitar Sound — with a Guitar?”

I picked my brother up to go to dinner this holiday season last.  As he got into the car, he heard the track that I was evaluating – a track from upcoming album, “Waiting for … .”

Now, my brother does not have a musical ear that he developed – but he does know what he likes, so I have no qualms about him giving me input.  But this time, he went above and beyond his usual

“What the hell was that?”


“Was that a Native American flute? It’s too loud!”

He asked:

“Is that a guitar?  How did you make that guitar sound?”

I responded, “Ahhhh — with a … guitar?”

“Well, it’s just that you can make a guitar sound with anything these-days,” he continued to build his argument.

I couldn’t  help saying, “And I’m a professional photographer because I have an iPhone!”

“You know what I mean,” he finished.

“Not yet!” I finished.

I include the audio reference below so you might decide:


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